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How to store magnet wires we bought from ZOTO wires?

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How to store magnet wires we bought from ZOTO wires?

The wires spools shall be placed on racks with anti-tarnish wrappers and plastic films and in dry (10%-70% RH) and room temperature environment which temperature is about 0~35.

There are four tips you shall pay attention when storing wires for a long period of time.

i) The wires in wooden package on racks should be less than 4 layers and each spools in wooden package should be less than 5 layers.

ii)Avoid direct sunlight in the place where wires storedNever store wires outdoors.
iii)Never store wires in high-humidity environments. 
iv)Avoid special environments such as corrosive gasses and dust especial metal powder.
v)Be sure that no electric wire will hit other articles or other wires.

vi) To avoid confusion the wires should be stored separately due to different item & specification & suppliers.

vii) Unspent wires should be fasten stay and put back to its original package. Wires label should be protected as its row state.

Storage period

If magnet wire is stored properly according to our storage tips, there will be no deterioration in themagnet wire surface even after 10 years or more.

However, for magnet wire that is not stored properly, the characteristics of wire is still OK after 3 years later since delivery.

The wires should be tested before put into production.

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